162 Schools Served Notice on Fee Hike - Schools in Hyderabad

162 Schools Served Notice on Fee Hike

A total of 162 private schools were served notice by the Education Department for unregulated fee hikes. There are nearly 54 schools from Hyderabad while the rest in neighboring Ranga Reddy district.

According to Education Department, about 15% to 30% profit is made by the institution with every fee hike in their schools. This is against the rule 8(4)(a) in GO (Government Order) Ms No. 01 that allows only 5%.

Additionally, 30% of these schools have not submitted NOC certificate from the Fire Departement and GHMC to run their premises in a safe manner adhering to occupational and health hazard norms.

The move was necessitated after the HSPA filed a petition against these 162 schools for making a killing by fee hike. There are nearly 30 reputed international schools in this list who were served with this notices from the DEO.

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