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An Abstract Topic of an Essay: Eat, Pray, Love

Our life is basically an epitome of instability, inconsistency and vague perspectives. Of course, we all would want at least something to be exact and straightforward. You give all your hopes to the professor at the university and what do you get in return? A massive slap in the face, that`s what you get! All those topics like “An Importance of Friendship in the Times of Personality Growth” or “Love as the Best Inspiration for Art” do sound beautiful but when you start writing about those, it turns into a complete and utter disaster.

It`s like you`re torturing your brain with the only title of the topic. And I won`t even start on the struggles you have with the first sentence. What are you even supposed to write about? Should you do it in a creative way or just pour out your thoughts in that essay? Everything is so unclear! Basically, your brain is going through a labor trying to bear any kind of more or less logical sentences.

There are two types of students. One is those who can easily provide tons of ideas about any abstract topic. They can write about freedom, love, friendship, art, development, and nature. Actually, if you think about it, you have to have a huge talent to write an essay that will solely consist of philosophical thoughts on a certain matter.

And there is this other type of students who would rather calculate the total weight of all galaxies in the universe and will come up with a dozen ideas on formation of black holes but you give them a topic about something absolutely non-figurative, they turn into the babies who don`t seem to be able to express their thoughts clearly. This problem exists not only among science students but among many others who study languages and literature as well. So to make your life easier, we at have come up with some solutions that we hope would help you on your journey into the abstract world.

You`re a Celebrity Who Is Giving an Interview

Due to their status of role models for the younger generations celebrities are obliged to answer all kinds of philosophical questions including the most ridiculous one “What is the meaning of life?”. Yes, I do think that this question is ridiculous and pointless all because nobody knows the answer to it. There is simply no right answer.

Anyway, if you`ve ever seen an interview like that, you`ve probably noticed that the celebrities often use this trick like “a personal story”. It drives away the attention from the initial question because stories about your own experience are much more appealing to the audience. Besides, it`s the perfect way to work out the situation when you have no idea what to say and you don`t want to look stupid.

Taking into consideration that there are powerful teams of PR-managers and publicists that work with the superstar, it`s safe to say that this is the best possible option for your essay. Tell a story from your own life, open up about some issues that bothered you back then. It works especially when the essay has to deal with love or friendship.

Of course, nobody is asking you to go “full-reality-TV-star” and spill the guts about any romantic encounter you`ve had in life. Your professor won`t be able and definitely won`t want to check that out so switch attention from the initial topic and you`ll be praised for this.

There Are More Books Than Just Comic Books

Write about a few examples from the literary works of famous authors. Even if the topic of novel barely resembles the actual topic of the essay, it won`t matter if you do everything in a creative way. The world-known classics will go with any topic actually. A universal variant of all the possibilities is William Shakespeare.

He is a well-recognized author and literally everybody knows his works. Shakespeare has written plenty of ingenious literary works depicting various life situations, struggles, and experiences. Besides, your professor is definitely familiar with his creations. Using this method you can show off your knowledge of classic literature (which would never hurt to show off from time to time) and you`ll back up your idea with the actual examples.

Don`t Be Basic with Mainstream Quotations

There is an official topic of an assignment but who says that there can`t be a subtopic? You would probably agree that writing an essay based on the quote by some famous historical figure is less complicated. These words give you some sort of a springboard. Now you can talk about the author, the literary work this quotation comes from and analyze it from your personal point of view.

It can serve as a framework for your thoughts. It`s a bad idea though to go with the quotes which are on everybody`s mind. If you`ve ever seen a phrase by someone famous that was put into the gif or a meme, then forget about this quote, it`s already so mainstream.

Show some creative approach and you`ll see how much your work will stand out from the pile of essays of other students. You may even give two or three examples from the literature to back up your idea. There are can be two novels, for instance, which would represent the polar views on the situation. Anyway, stop torturing your brain and build a platform for an abstract essay.