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3 Best Educational Apps on iOS

Today, the world has moved towards digital products. This has not left untouched the learning and education streams. Educational applications for mobile devices are on the rise and these portable apps are delivering what was yesterday delivered throught conventional learning mode.

On the go and wherever is the new theme. Students are liberated from being location dependent as these edu apps provide location agnostic education. You no  longer need to be stationary at a place loaded with heavy reference books, or to a library room.

Learning is not only easy today but is also fun. You can plan in-between your travel schedules or any other chores. Abosrbing the short bursts of information provides the right reinforcement.

These educational apps provide a wide ranging topics. These are simply powerful to have it in your list of daily learning. Use them without any reservation to gain the knowledge that is required to become your dream.


TED needs no introduction. They are an organization involved in spreading ideas. Leading exponents from each field come to share their thoughts, insights and ideas through these broadcasts. Having access to TED talk on your mobile device is a blessing. As at one shot, you get to gain from the vast experience of these wonderful leaders that is enlightening and informative.

TED talks are useful for all ages as the topics covered include anything and everything that is important for today’s world. Most of these talks are thought-provoking and is very beneficial for young minds when shaping their careers.

App is designed to allow the learning experience through short burst of messaging. This is done to increase retention and leave your mind with lot of ideas and thoughts.

Wonderful content that is available as playlist both online and offline. You definitely need this app on your mobile device to engage your mind faculties.

Khan Academy

Learning is not restricted to any age! For all these voracious learners in any topic, Khan Academy is the most popular and relevant tool created by this non-governmental organization.

This app creates a highly personalized learning experience for you. You can set your pace with your learning of the chosen curriculum.

The other big advantage is that the subjects range across topics from maths to art. The courses are created to help you gain the required expertise for your academic or leisure pursuits.

Khan Academy has partnered with esteemed institutions including NASA to design their courseware. The app has a learner tracking facility to determine the progress against topics.

This app is absolutely free and is available for you to make the best of each learning experience.


The falling borders between different countries, economies and cultures demand the professional to be versatile with multiple languages. So, if you are aspiring to grow as a fully-blossomed individual ready to take on the world then this app is a must for you.

Duolingo provides you with the ability to learn any new language at your own pace. There are educational games designed for learning the internationally popular languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Unlike other language learning tools, Duolingo provides a fun-filled experience of learning the language.

This app helps you to learn grammar, vocabulary to understand the basics of the foreign language to make the learning fulfilling and complete.

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