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39 TMR Schools in Hyderabad Open for Admission

39 Telangana Minority Residential in Hyderabad with 8000 seats open for admission has received nearly 9000 applications. The admission is to be decided by draw of lots on 23rd April, 2017. The schools will be accomodated in a new buildings that have been identified. Tenders were  floated for procuring the infrastructural materials from suppliers. The suppliers are ready with their supply to furnish the schools.

The TMREIS (Telangana Minority Residential Institutional Educational Society) has announced a 15 day summer camp from 24th April for the students. The summer camp will be held in various venues across Hyderabad like Gachibowli stadium, LB stadium, Yacht club etc organizing various sports for the students.

For more information, one can contact the helpline number 040-23437909

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