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About SchoolsHyderabad

The story behind SchoolsHyderabad is a story that resonates with every parent in Hyderabad. So, read on and know about us!

We are a group of professionals who are also parents to our beautiful and lovely kids. As parents, we did face the inevitable challenge in finding information pertaining to the schools in Hyderabad. With more or less no qualitative information available, we had to rely more on our gut feeling and a prayer on our lip when seeking admission in a good school.

Then we realized that we are not the only ones facing this dilemma and this wheel of experience rotates in the lives of all parent’s. We have heard and seen how our friends and colleagues turn to each other to seek the right information. Even when this information is sought, there is an iota of doubt lingering on the decision based on this secondary information. Because there is no credibility attached to the information.

We have started this endeavor with the firm belief that at least we can help others based on our experiences. So, this website is a challenge for us as we strive to provide the most optimum information that is required for you when searching and selecting the school.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive information on the schools in Hyderabad. We have started with the help of our immediate social circles and aim to enlarge this circle tomorrow to include even you to share your feelings, thoughts and ideas. The aim is to have one platform for all of the parents like us who can get the right information at the right time which is credible and authentic.