Is it safe to hire an online lawyer?

Currently there are several websites that advertise the services of lawyers and that allow hiring from contacts on the internet. Website even allows such contact in the Contact item. You need to exercise caution when hiring an online lawyer. If you are looking for James Lyle law office and you are from the same city, for example, it is convenient to make sure that the office is enrolled in the local website.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain costs with hearings and sessions of judgments in which the physical presence of the lawyer is obligatory or convenient for a positive result of the judicial action. So it is to understand that currently the technology allows the hiring of lawyer directly online, being important to observe the above care.

Is it better to hire a lawyer or a law firm?

It is difficult to decide between hiring a lawyer or a law firm. In theory, either one form of contracting or the other must allow access to justice or to the legal information sought. However, when the need for consultation and advice becomes more intense, especially where a rapid response is required, it is often advisable to hire a law firm with a number of lawyers. This is because, under certain circumstances, it is necessary that the consultation of the lawyer be answered in a short time.

A liberal and basically self-employed attorney, although quite competent, has time and specialty limitations – since he must divide himself among his clients without the help of other lawyers. Likewise, the liberal professional lawyer tends to have in-depth knowledge in few areas of law, while the law firm can rely on professionals of different specialties. Of course, the same applies to small offices.

Tip: The suggestion is to either hire a law firm or an individual lawyer. But this will be depending on your case scenario. When it comes to more of a legal problem of different areas of law or whenever it is predictable that other legal issues tend to appear – consult with both of them.

When should I consult a lawyer?

Consultation with a lawyer can be convenient in many situations. For example, when there is doubt about the regularity of an action, when there is a feeling of injury occurring, before a relevant contract is executed, when there is the prospect of being sued in court or when it is possible to anticipate a situation of bank indebtedness, tax, labor or civil. In all these circumstances, and many others, it is advisable to consult a lawyer.

It is lawful for the lawyer to contract the provision of services in amounts higher than those provided in this table.

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