NCERT Published Books for CBSE - Schools in Hyderabad

NCERT Published Books for CBSE

For all the parents saddled with the excess rate and weight of the privately published books for their wards, its now time to be glad. CBSE in a recent announcement has come out prescribing the schools to buy books only from the NCERT publishers. This does away with the practice of involving the private publishers.

A parent of the kindergarten student is forced to shell out nearly Rs3000 to Rs 5000 for the academic books. The rates have been so far monopolized by the schools in gloves with their private publishing partners.

Approximately, 1400 CBSE schools across the country have raised purchase indent with the NCERT for the books for the academic year of 2017-18. This amounts to nearly 32 lakh books for the students. CBSE has also made the decision to periodically review the textbooks of private publishers for its affiliated schools. CBSE is using the services of private publishers for faculty like Computer Science for which NCERT does not publish but depends on the recommended books by private publishers.




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